logbot_cc is an IRC logging bot, run by cc. LogBot is a personal/hobby project.
These are the logs for the Libera IRC Network (irc.libera.chat), collected by the logbot_cc bot.

How to get LogBot to log your channel

A channel OP can invite "logbot_cc" into the channel using the IRC /invite command.

"logbot_cc" can be invited into password protected channels, however the logs it collects will be publicly visible.

How to get LogBot to stop logging your channel and remove the public logs

Kick "logbot_cc" from your channel.

How to get LogBot to stop logging your channel but retain the public logs

send an email.

If there hasn't been any activity in an IRC channel for six months, "logbot_cc" will automatically leave the channel and the public logs will be "Archived". Archived logs are visible at the end of the list of channels.

How does LogBot know which nicks are bots?

There's a configured list of bots for each network. Send an email to add to this list.

How to request removal of logged information

Send me an email or message me on IRC ("hrosik" on irc.libera.chat) if there's data that you feel should be scrubbed (e.g. spam, accidental leakage of passwords, etc). As I only check IRC occasionally, email is safer for time-sensitive requests.